Death Penalty

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 June, 2012
Rachel Clarke

On New Years Eve, 1992 a confused and bloody Hank Skinner emerged from the home he shared with his girlfriend Twyla Busby and her two adult sons. All three had been brutally murdered. Hank Skinner would later be convicted in the triple homicide and has spent the last 20 years on Texas's death row. Skinner has long maintained his innocence and demanded key evidence be tested. A number of unanswered questions and reasonable doubt surround the case. On the phone to shed light on the case and recent developments is David Protess with the Chicago Innocence Project.

By Anonymous (not verified), 7 September, 2011
Michael Slate

Imperial Army Conquers Libya, Executing the Innocent in Georgia & Searching for Answers Across the US

Larry Everest, journalist, Revolution Newspaper and author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda, discusses the fall of the Gadafi regime and the hands of the imperialists behind it.

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 May, 2011
Michael Slate

Three Strikes and the System is Out! What does the system's vendetta against Mumia Abu Jamal Have in Common with the Legacy of Slavery and Modern Day Mass Incarceration of Black People?

C. Clark Kissinger, Journalist, Revolution newspaper, talks about the significance of the recent US Supreme Court decision in the case of Black revolutionary Mumia Abu Jamal and what the future holds for Mumia.

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 October, 2008
Dori Smith, Talk Nation Radio

Troy Anthony Davis V the State of Georgia on the matter of his innocence
October 15th, 2008

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This week’s Sprouts:
Troy Anthony Davis V the State of Georgia on the matter of his innocence

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Thursday, October 16, 2008 3PM EST
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By Anonymous (not verified), 4 May, 2008
Houston IMC Radio Collective

Our May 2nd Show in its entiriety. Feat. headlines, a report from the Mayday protest in Houston, a breif history of Mayday, Chairman Ned Norris of the Tohono O'odam Nation on the US Mexico Border wall and an interview with Steve James and Peter Gilbert, the filmmakers of At The Death House Door; premireing in Houston May 9th @ Rice Cinema.

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