By Anonymous (not verified), 23 September, 2009
vincent / blast furnace radio

Blast Furnace Radio is operated out of the basement of the Duncan and Porter House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The station is constructed from all donated and found materials.

The Blast Furnace Crew has also provided much support and encouragement for many of the Emergency Community Broadcasts featured on MicroRadio.NET. They helped coordinate feeds originating from insurrections in Philly, NYC, Cincinnati, Boston, DC, and Quebec City

By Anonymous (not verified), 21 September, 2009
Lenny Flatley

G20 Bed & Breakfast Podcast 1 -- fear mongering the G20, Seeds for Peace busted and Landslide Farm harassed, tent cities, economic justice, Carl Redwood, and Mumia Abul Jamal on the G20.

By Anonymous (not verified), 19 September, 2009
vincent / blast furnace radio

audio clip a bit rough

streaming URL # for blast furnace radio

G20 Bed & Breakfast: Pittsburgh


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