Julian Assange

By Anonymous (not verified), 17 August, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM in DC

Pirate Radio Song
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This Week in Palestine for week 33
War Update:Black Hawk crash kills 7 US troops, 2 US soldiers killed by Afghan cop
Desertion Song (clip)
Julian Assange granted asylum after Britain threatens to storm Embassy of Ecuador
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Partnership for Civil Justice on NYC, etc public/private mass surveillance program
Seattle raid and grand jury against anarchists provokes wave of retaliatory attacks(updated)

By Anonymous (not verified), 22 December, 2010
Adam Asmar, David Anguiano

Today on Weekly Review we discuss Julian Assange's personal bail out, the Dream Act failing to pass and DADT getting repealed, as well as Toby Mcintyre's run in with an especially vile BBC anchor.

PLUS an interview with American journalist turned Israeli deportee Jared Malsin.

By Anonymous (not verified), 9 November, 2010
Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, Journalist, IBS

Interview with the American journalist, author and pubisher LUCY KOMISAR, which is one of the supporters on a petition for Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Last Friday 152 journalists from 40 different nations have published a journalist´s statement and petition to support Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The well known journalist and author Lucy Komisar from New York City, U.S.A. is one of the supporters. Production by Andreas Klamm-Sabaot, French-German journalist, Radio TV IBS Liberty. More information are available on following web sites: 1.