By Anonymous (not verified), 21 September, 2009
Ezra Niesen

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The environmental science movement since global unsustainability was discovered has been a lot bigger than most people realize. (As a result of yet another divide and conquer strategy.) It includes an evolutionary approach to psychology, to identify the reasons the decisions people make have led to environmental unsustainability in the first place.

By Anonymous (not verified), 11 May, 2008
Dan Roberts

Cynthia McKinney is the Green candidate for US President. Carol Wolman is the Green candidate for Congress for Northern California. They spoke at Ukiah CA. Cynthia was introduced by Dan Hamburg, former Congressman from N California. 3 files- Hamburg/McKinney 21 minutes, Wolman 15 minutes. The "best of" a question and answer session 41 minutes. Sound quality varies, some mic problems in Wolman's speech, but usable.