global warming

By Anonymous (not verified), 21 September, 2009
Ezra Niesen

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The environmental science movement since global unsustainability was discovered has been a lot bigger than most people realize. (As a result of yet another divide and conquer strategy.) It includes an evolutionary approach to psychology, to identify the reasons the decisions people make have led to environmental unsustainability in the first place.

By Anonymous (not verified), 31 August, 2008
Andrew Ó Baoill

Greenpeace are driving a (vegetable diesel-powered) van across the country, bringing an array of solar panels from town to town, and using them to power local events. It ties into their campaign to draw attention to global warming, gather local stories, and then bring them to Washington.

Last Thursday, 28 August, I spoke with Drew Thomas - a local Greenpeace staffer - about a concert in Urbana, IL. The 7 minute interview opens with Drew talking about what's happening in Urbana, and moves to talking about the broader campaign. Audio is safe for broadcast use.

By Anonymous (not verified), 8 July, 2008
Radio Ecoshock

4 out of the past 5 extinctions were likely NOT caused by asteroids hitting the Earth. They were rapid climate change events. In this one hour lecture, Dr. Andrew Glikson of ANU Australia explains our real past. And why we are hurtling toward a cliff of mass extinction as we pollute a fragile atmosphere. The Radio Ecoshock Show 080704 with Alex Smith. OK for rebroadcast by non-profit radio. Get all our programs at

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