Afghanistan war

By Anonymous (not verified), 6 July, 2011
Michael Slate

"Imperial Strategy in Afghanistan & Prisoner Hunger Strike Against Torture in Pelican Bay SHU (Security Housing Unit)"

Larry Everest, Journalist, Revolution Newspaper and author of Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq & the US Global Agenda, talks about the strategy behind Obama's Afghanistan Speech and the implications for U.S. imperialism.

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 October, 2008
WSQT Guerrilla Radio 88.1 FM

The position of the US in Afghanistan is starting to resemble that of the US in Iraq circa 2004. This being so, US generals are begging for 20,000 more soldiers, in a move evocative of Gen Westmoreland's demads for more troops for Vietnam in 1967.

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US will LOSE this war:

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