Truth and Justice Radio: Ali Abunimah on the "Deal of the Century" and ongoing imperialist attacks on Palestine, Segment 1

4 weeks 2 days ago
This is Part 2 of Ali Abunimah speaking at the NY Forum on The Deal of The Century and the Ongoing Imperialist Attacks on Palestine. The full description, copied from Part 1, is as follows: Today we bring back one of the most progressive, and passionate Palestinian activists at work today in the US and around the world: Ali Abunimah, co-founder and driving force behind the Palestinian news service, The Electronic Intifada. He spoke at the New York Forum a few weeks ago for an hour and a half. He was introduced and prompted by a woman identifying herself as Maryanne of the People's Plan, NYC ( Usually we would edit such a long presentation down to fit into the time frame for our program, but this is such fabulous, organic presentation that we decided to broadcast the entire recording over two weeks of This Week in Palestine. If you miss one of them you can always go to our archive at and find the missing piece.
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Global Research News Hour: A Tribute to Three Great Internationalists. Saluting Robert Fisk, Andre Vltchek and Kevin Zeese, Segment 1

4 weeks 2 days ago
Three incomparable champions of outstanding service to their fellow human beings in international conflict pass away all within a two month period. Global Research News Hour pays tribute through their own voices and the voices of those who respected and admired them. Saluting Robert Fisk, independent journalist, Andre Vltchek, leading filmmaker, writer and political analyst, and Kevin Zeese, lawyer, activist, and organizer.
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Taylor Report: Quebec Unions Led a Political Fight That Outlawed Tier-Wage Systems, Segment 1

4 weeks 2 days ago
At least 90% of workers at the newly-reopened GM truck plant in Oshawa will be paid $23.67, less than 65% of the rate of the few UNIFOR members left who were hired before 2016. This tiered-wage system translates into a monetary windfall for GM. It also creates divisions in the union, as the new workers earn less for doing the same work and receive fewer benefits and inferior pensions. Tiered wages started in the 1990s in the parts plants owned by the big 3 automakers. The UAW then agreed to it for the Auto majors in 2007 and UNIFOR agreed to it for GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler in Canada in 2009. Two-tier wages have been illegal in Quebec since 2001, discrimination on the basis of length of seniority is against the Labour Act. This great achievement of Quebec workers hasn’t been talked about enough by most union leaders in English-Canada (the Steelworkers are a notable exception). Quebec workers achieved a further victory in 2018, when their government outlawed discrimination in pensions as well.

Chilled Hip Hop Soul & Lo-Fi Beats: Chill Study Vol. 7 (extended), Segment 1

1 month ago
(1.) Keep On - Max I Million & NoCatchphraze (2.) Hustle - Tuamie (3.) YaDontStop - Shar The Analog Bastard (4.) Walk to the Date - Mil Dawn (5.) Cherry Pie - Masaya Junior (6.) Psalm - Axian & Alcynoos (7.) Atlantis - Sync.exe (8.) Jingle Bells - King I Divine (9.) closure - Soundmint (10.) Laidback - Kreatev (11.) Anxious - el (12.) Crab Dance - Klim (13.) Winter Drums - Twenty Weeks (14.) Friday That's Good - Seba Kaapstad (15.) Windchimes - Reese Tanaka (16.) nite - junyii (17.) do you - KVNB (18.) Shrubs - George Fields (19.) Summer Knows - Devaloop and Lex (20.) IntoThaNight - AyweeThaSeed (21.) Flying Dew - Stan Forebee (22.) tower - Knxwledge (23.) vigilance - jake venture (24.) luuhv - Tech Flips (25.) night on the beach - bsd.u (26.) recollect - ovrkast (27.) Raw Style - Lee Blackman (28.) A Charlie Brown Christmas with Reese Tanaka (29.) I'm Tellin You (*loop) - Nick Wiz
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