By Anonymous (not verified), 10 August, 2009

Interview with Jung Sik Hwa, a 20-year member of the Korean Metalworkers Union. He belongs to a branch of the union neighboring the Ssangyong strikers, who occupied their automobile factory for 77 days in protest of layoffs. They were finally forced out by a violent police assault last week. More info at http://mediahacker.org.

By Anonymous (not verified), 8 August, 2009


This is a Mediahacker.org podcast - It’s Saturday, August 8 2009. Yesterday the 77-day occupation of the Ssangyong automotive plant in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, by striking workers was broken by a final, violent police assault. I spoke with Loren Goldner on Friday about the situation, which received little attention in the US corporate and alternative press. He was speaking to me from New York City. This interview may be freely re-broadcast.

By Anonymous (not verified), 9 June, 2009

This is 2jaeng news on Media Redevelopment Action Radio.
The English half of our hour long report on events and social struggles underreported in the mainstream media. Issues for this show are:
Solidarity for Sex Workers
Ban on Protests
Roh Mu-hyun's Suicide and Funeral
Last Friday's Eviction
Conscientious Objector sent to prison
(stream is available at link below)

By Anonymous (not verified), 23 May, 2009
Dj Dope & Giraffe

May 19, 2009. Struggle News #1 - broadcasting from the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea.

Struggle News #1 covered the last week of actions and events that took place in South Korea, including:

*The War Resisters International's day of conscientious objection and whole week of events;

*The KCTU and KCWTU rally and march (which police attacked, arresting 457 people) that happened in Daejeon, Sat, May 16;

*The O-Che-Tu-Ji march from JinriSan to Seoul;

By Anonymous (not verified), 12 May, 2009
Dj Dope & Giraffe

This is the third broadcast (May 12, 2009) of Be the Media, a program of the alternative radio station Media Redevelopment Action Radio at the Candle Light Media Center in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. Be the Media is a radio program project of Korea Indymedia. DJ Dope and Giraffe were MCing this first show. Anyone is invited to participate and contribute to the program. The program was broadcast mostly in English, with a few songs and few things mentioned in Korean. The program starts in Korean language for the first few minutes. It was broadcasted live in Yongsan, Seoul.