By Anonymous (not verified), 30 November, 2012
houston indy media

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By Anonymous (not verified), 27 January, 2012
Jim Macdonald - N. Rockies Independent Media

On January 26, 2012, the Industrial Workers of the World Club at Montana State University, the Northern Rockies Independent Media Network, and Occupy Bozeman held a screening of the movie Breaking the Spell, about the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle.

The event, held at Montana State, also featured Phil Knight, from Occupy Bozeman, who participated in the WTO protests. Phil shared both his experiences on the ground and talked about what the WTO protests were about. You can see his presentation in the video clip below (or listen to it in the provided audio clip).

By Anonymous (not verified), 12 December, 2009
climate caravan radio

Yesterday saw the first day of action against the false solutions being proposed by COP15, including the capitalist model. Thousands took to the streets of Copenhagen in Denmark under the chants, banners and action of "Our Climate, Not Your Business". As expected when thousands of angry youths mostly dressed in black take to the streets in an unauthorized demonstration the police prepare with their usual tools; Big cops, Riot cops, vans, dogs... But people were not expecting was to see big men in army fatigues wandering around the streets too.

By Anonymous (not verified), 9 June, 2009
This is 2jaeng news on Media Redevelopment Action Radio.
The English half of our hour long report on events and social struggles underreported in the mainstream media. Issues for this show are:
Solidarity for Sex Workers
Ban on Protests
Roh Mu-hyun's Suicide and Funeral
Last Friday's Eviction
Conscientious Objector sent to prison
(stream is available at link below)

By Anonymous (not verified), 18 January, 2009
WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM in DC

On Jan 10,15,000 people marched in DC against the massacres in Gaza. Not one word in the Washington Post. Six days later, on Jan 16, protesters descended on the headquarters of the Washington Post, dumping several wheelbarrowloads of "defective merchandise" and shredding it to confetti!

By Anonymous (not verified), 1 September, 2008
Skidmark Bob


Audio of video Two Incidents (Watch Live at
1 - Uptake reporter covers march that comes under fire by gasbombs when trying to cross street

2 - At Park Uptake journalist and others forced to sit down with hands on head while arrests are made journalists allowed to leave others peppersprayed and arrested.