By Anonymous (not verified), 10 June, 2013
Overnight Productions (Inc.)

The lyrics in the Romanovsky & Phillips "Sodomy Song" in our 2003 SCOTUS ruling flashback include:
"Only an asshole would care what goes into our assholes and who puts it there."
This line is heard in the transition music at about 3:54 into the segment, and again in the segment outro music at about 14:28.
This Way Out #1,315 Program Rundown:
[Note unusual musical beginning this week:]
"Life Song" by MASON WILLIAMS [:26], segues directly to

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 June, 2012
Rachel Clarke

On New Years Eve, 1992 a confused and bloody Hank Skinner emerged from the home he shared with his girlfriend Twyla Busby and her two adult sons. All three had been brutally murdered. Hank Skinner would later be convicted in the triple homicide and has spent the last 20 years on Texas's death row. Skinner has long maintained his innocence and demanded key evidence be tested. A number of unanswered questions and reasonable doubt surround the case. On the phone to shed light on the case and recent developments is David Protess with the Chicago Innocence Project.

By Anonymous (not verified), 2 February, 2010
HIMC Street Team

Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Environment Texas, Mothers for Clean Air and other health and environmental groups in the Clean Air Texas coalition rallied their members and allies to attend the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's hearing at the Houston Hobby Hilton on Tuesday, February 2nd. The Clean Air Texas coalition held a press conference in support of clean air, healthy Texans, and a vital new air quality standard limiting ozone pollution to 60 parts per billion.