By Anonymous (not verified), 10 June, 2013
Miranda Gibson

This radio documentary covers the cases of environmental political prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, who are both serving sentences of around 20 years in prison in the US. We look at why these two are considered to be political prisoners and the movement of prisoner solidarity around the world. We explore the significance of these cases from a global perspective and talk about June 11th, the international day of solidarity with Eric and Marie.

By Anonymous (not verified), 7 September, 2009
Jon - ZACF

A member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front caught up with Biko, an anarchist communist militant from the Uhuru Network in Zimbabwe, on August 10th 2009 when he was in Johannesburg to attend the annual Khanya College Winter School.

In this interview Biko talks about the changes in the social, political and economic landscape since the Government of National Unity came into being; the state of the unions and students' movement; the suppression of gays and lesbians; the constitutional reform process and expected Zanu-PF campaigns of violence ahead of the next elections.

By Anonymous (not verified), 14 April, 2008

A "MegaMix" of 11 tracks (total runtime 34:38) from the album "Making Color Photocopies of Heaven's VIP Pass" by Spirit Incorporated, topics range from political prisoner solidarity, "productivity", environmental activism, and mass media to art, spirituality, and awareness. Free individual album tracks are available through