By Anonymous (not verified), 1 May, 2012
Frieda Werden

English barrister Polly Higgins aims to pass an international law against ecocide. The law is already being tested in the UK, where a mock trial jury convicted two CEOs of ecocide in their mining of the Alberta Tar Sands. Interview by Frieda Werden during Higgins's cross-Canada tour looking for supporters of the proposed law to help raise the issue at the upcoming Rio Earth Summit. More info: More info:

By Anonymous (not verified), 28 August, 2011
Houston Indymedia Center Radio Collective

Houston Indymedia's radio show on Pacifica from 8-26... This week's show covered the protest in DC against the building of the massive Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to our Gulf Coast. We also talked to airport workers from Houston Intercontinental Airport, who are being paid less than minimum wage.

By Anonymous (not verified), 15 February, 2011
DégenréE, l'émission féministe pour déranger!

Au mois de février 2011, l’émission féministe DégenréE s’allie avec l’émission anti-carcérale Les Murs ont des oreilles pour proposer trois émissions sur les femmes et les lesbiennes en prison. Les émissions seront construites autour d’interview et de lectures de textes de témoignages, le but étant de donner au maximum la parole aux femmes et aux lesbiennes qui connaissent la prison en étant incarcérées ou aux parloirs. Bien sûr, le tout sera agrémenté d’analyses féministes et anti-carcérales !

By Anonymous (not verified), 10 December, 2009
Climate Caravan Radio

3 days ago a group from the SOCIAL AND CLIMATE JUSTICE CARAVAN visited the Canadian embassy in Brussels to seek protection for a man from Colombia who has received death treaths from Colombian Paramilitaries. The Canadian state is responsible for this due to upcoming free trade agreements as well as, along with the US, not signing the charter to protect indigenous around the world. Also Canadian mining business COSIGO RESOURCES are implicated in using these paramilitaries to obtain native lands.