By Anonymous (not verified), 25 April, 2012
Kilimanjaro Direct

Music in the Air. A traditional album by Music teach and founder of kilimanjao direct Sheila Ryan and various artists.

If you enjoyed this album why not consider donating to the Charity?

All donations go directly into projects and volunteers pay for their own flights and expenses.

Charity Number CHY17681

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By Anonymous (not verified), 11 January, 2012
Michael Slate

Andy Worthington, Journalist, digs into the history of the Guantanamo torture chamber and the torture and abuse of political prisoners who remain caged at Guantanamo. Worthington reveals how the US imperialists have maneuvered to prevent the release of any prisoners, including those already cleared for release, and effectively prevent the closure of the prison.

Adesola Osakalumi, one of the two actors who portray the Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti in a play celebrating the revolutionary and butt shaking music and art of Fela.

By Anonymous (not verified), 28 December, 2011
Michael Slate

US Threats of War Against Iran, Music for a New Day and a New Way and Once Again Science vs Religion

Larry Everest, journalist with Revolution Newspaper and author of "Oil, Power & Empire: Iraq and the US Global Agenda", discusses the increasing threat of a US/Israeli war against Iran and the lies backing it up.

Outernational debuts their new 18 cut mix-tape album and we play the title cut from the album, "We Are All Illegals/ Todos Somos Ilegales" featuring Tom Morello, Chad Smith, Calle 13.

By Anonymous (not verified), 28 September, 2011
Michael Slate

Searching the Void for a Universe of Music: A Conversation with Jazz Pianist Matthew Shipp

We spend the hour talking with avant-garde jazz pianist Matthew Shipp about his music, his life and the ideas behind the universe of music he has brought into being over the last 30 years. Shipp has recorded more than 50 cds over the years in all kinds of formations and reaching across many musical genres from his free jazz base all the way through electronica and hip-hop.

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 June, 2011
Michael Slate

"Murdering the Oceans, Suppressing Truth-telling Soldiers and Vets, and Sanitizing the Grammys"

PZ Myers, Professor, Univ. of Minnesota, Morris & author of Pharyngula, the most popular science blog in the world, discusses a recent report from IPSO (International Programme on the State of the Ocean) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) on what could be the midnight hour for the oceans of the world.

By Anonymous (not verified), 30 March, 2011
Michael Slate

We spend an hour talking with jazz musician, composer and poet, William Parker about his life, his music and his mission to foment revolution and change the world. Parker recently composed a musical accompaniment to All Played Out, a spoken word piece from Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and Parker talks about what inspired him to do this.

By Anonymous (not verified), 4 February, 2011
Susan Galleymore, Raising Sand Radio

For the last seven years, since his tour of duty in Iraq, Jason Moon has been fighting for his life. At times he felt he might lose that last battle. Then he returned to writing and playing music...and, now, his life is stabilizing. As he talks about his first CD album, "Trying to Find My Way Home", he shares the story of his on-going journey back to health and how he works with other veterans to reclaim their lives.

Two file formats available, 128 kbps and 24 kbps - mono

By Anonymous (not verified), 27 November, 2010
LA Talk Radio

Wonderful Show Tonight!! First we had the Amazing Chely Wright on the show, to talk about her life and her new book: Like Me. She is such an inspiration, and I admire & respect her so much! Then straight out of Oprah's playbook: We had our own Favorite Thing episode, were we talked about a product that cracked us up when we saw it: Lovely Jublee's (which is a boob cream) that is manufactured by Lush Cosmetics. We also talked about the upcoming NKOTB & BSB concerts...

Check out our website to click on the link to buy Chely's Book:

By Anonymous (not verified), 21 April, 2010
Michael Slate

Singer-Songwriter Rickie Lee Jones talks about her latest CD, "Balm in Gilead," and her concerns about the world. Author and journalist Charles Bowden on his latest book - Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields. Bowden paints a powerful and revealing portrait of the impact on Mexico - and the city of Juarez in particular - of capitalism and all it spawn.
Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on What Kind of Society Is This and Youth Deserve a Better Future.