By Anonymous (not verified), 6 June, 2012
Michael Slate

Dr. Leroy Carhart, Director of the Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska. While so many accept the Hyde Amendment as the "common ground" compromise, Dr. Carhart reveals the devastating impact of this amendment on the lives of women - especially poor women of color.

David Heilbroner, co-director of the film Stonewall Uprising, discusses the historic significance of the Stonewall Uprising - the first "in the street" rebellion of gay people - and its continuing impact today

By Anonymous (not verified), 27 November, 2010
LA Talk Radio

Wonderful Show Tonight!! First we had the Amazing Chely Wright on the show, to talk about her life and her new book: Like Me. She is such an inspiration, and I admire & respect her so much! Then straight out of Oprah's playbook: We had our own Favorite Thing episode, were we talked about a product that cracked us up when we saw it: Lovely Jublee's (which is a boob cream) that is manufactured by Lush Cosmetics. We also talked about the upcoming NKOTB & BSB concerts...

Check out our website to click on the link to buy Chely's Book:

By Anonymous (not verified), 16 November, 2010
Donny Meacham

A wonderful show tonight with some great guest.. First we talked about my favorite person: Sarah Palin and her new show Sarah Palin's Alaska, and how much I enjoyed the show. Then we talked about Michael Jackson's new song "Breaking News" and what we thought about it, and we thought is was Bad (no pun intended).. Then we were joined by the lovely Mark Cirillo & Joshua Lim from the upcoming movie The Seminarian which we talked about religion and sexuality and all things wonderful. We played the song Row It Home by the talented Emily White...

By Anonymous (not verified), 5 November, 2010
Donny Meacham

The day after Halloween we had Psychic/Medium Brough Perkins on the show.. We talked about what a psyhic is, and what it means to be a medium. He also gve us a little insight into our careers. Then we talked about one of Bekah & I's favorite show's "World of Jenks" on MTV. Then we talked about the upcoming Elections, and encouraging people to get out and vote.

By Anonymous (not verified), 3 July, 2009
Michael Fox

Venezuela News Summary #85 (Audio: 7mins, 35secs)
Venezuelan Opposition Deny Honduran Coup - Venezuela Proposes United Nations Military Action if Diplomacy Fails in Honduras Coup - Gay Pride March in Caracas, Venezuela - Venezuelan Media Workers March, New National Paper Announced - Governor and Land Reform Activists Create Farmer Rights Council in Portuguesa, Venezuela - Venezuelan and the United States Re-Establish Relations and Ambassadors

all news from

By Anonymous (not verified), 18 May, 2009

"La resistencia política a la reestructuración de los espacios de género y el temor de una invasión por parte de las mujeres del espacio público, considerado hasta entonces como un espacio de producción de masculinidad, va a dar lugar en los años 50 a dos representaciones del cuerpo
blanco heterosexual y de la arquitectura en términos de escala. Asistimos así a una miniaturización cinematográfica de los hombres y un agigantamiento paralelo del cuerpo de las mujeres blancas.