Police Brutality/Repression

By Anonymous (not verified), 10 October, 2012
Michael Slate

"Changing the World or Settling for the Lesser of Two Evils - If You Settle for the Lesser Evil It's Still Evil!"

Ray McGovern (author/activist); Dennis Trainor, Jr. (filmmaker); Bob Avakian (Chairman, Revolutionary Communist Party)

McGovern talks about his article "The Silence of the Drones" and the immorality and criminal nature of both the US drone warfare in Pakistan and elsewhere as well the implied complicity in the lack of mass opposition to this drone warfare.

By Anonymous (not verified), 12 September, 2012
Michael Slate

“Gimme Some Truth: Obama and Torture, the National Epidemic of Police Brutality and Blowing the Whistle on Stop and Frisk”

Marjorie Cohn, author and Professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, examines the record of the Obama administration on Torture and concludes that the Obama regime has not only continued the Bush program, but taken it to whole new levels of barbarity. War crimes are being committed.

Dave Lindorff, journalist, talks about the national epidemic of police brutality and what's behind it.

By Anonymous (not verified), 25 July, 2012
Michael Slate

"Ethnic Cleansing and Resistance in Palestine"

Salman Abu Sitta, Founder & Director of the Palestine Land Society
and the general coordinator of al-Awda the Palestinian Right of
Return Coalition, discusses the theft of Palestine and the genocidal
attempt to erase the Palestinian people from the face of the earth as the
longest continual Ethnic Cleansing in history.

By Anonymous (not verified), 18 July, 2012
Michael Slate

John Hoberman, a professor at University of Texas, Austin, and author
of Black and Blue, a scathing exposure of the role of racism in
medicine and its impact on Black people, Black doctors and health
workers and all of us. Larry Everest,Revolutionary journalist and
author, digs into the current situation in Egypt and the stakes for the
Egyptian people, the imperialists and the people of the world. A resident
of Sanford, Florida talks about his repeated bouts with
police brutality and abuse and what it means to meet a movement for

By Anonymous (not verified), 4 July, 2012
Michael Slate

Dr. Christian Head is an award winning and highly respected surgeon Department of Head and Neck Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Head helped found the Johnson Cancer Center Tumor Lab and was a highly regarded surgeon. Dr. Head stood out at UCLA for another reason - he is Black and because of that he has lived under a relentless barrage of racist insults including a slide show developed for a Residents' Roast which featured Dr. Head' s head photoshopped on to the body of a gorilla and being sodomized by his white boss. When Dr.

By Anonymous (not verified), 27 June, 2012
Michael Slate

"Amnesty International Sells US War, US Troops Moving In On Africa and Getting Down to BAsics with the People of Sanford, Florida"

Ann Wright, Ret. US Colonel, and former State Dept. official who left the State Dept in opposition to the War on Iraq, calls out Amnesty International's new campaign to paint the War on Afghanistan as a NATO humanitarian effort and the dangers that poses for the world.

Glen Ford, Journalist and executive editor of Black Agenda Report, discusses the role of AFRICOM and the recent escalation in the number of US troops stationed in Africa.

By Anonymous (not verified), 9 May, 2012
Michael Slate

Henry Giroux, author/professor, one of the founding theorists of
critical pedagogy in the U.S and the Global TV Network Chair in
English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Ontario,
Canada, talks about the impact and consequences of the permanent
warfare state in the U.S. on the society, especially on youth and
others viewed troublesome elements.

Lili Haydn, musician, debuts a new song and talks about where it
came from.