By Anonymous (not verified), 24 January, 2021
The Marys of Gay Shame

The Marys report on the formerly empty hotel rooms now housing previously homeless people in San Francisco. The city wants to close the "Shelter in Place"/S.I.P. hotels ASAP, but has promised to permanently house the current tenants at the hotels. Mary Crisis, who works inside one of the hotels, joins us. (The City's preferred term for people inside is "guests" - a weird term, given the extreme surveillance, lack of toilet paper, and no real plan for getting people into housing...at the same time as hundreds of thousands of condos sit empty throughout the Bay Area.)


By Anonymous (not verified), 16 July, 2012
WSQT Direct Action Radio 90.5 FM

On the 19th of November, Free Franklin, supported by Occupy DC, took over the abandoned Franklin Schol and held it all afternoon and into the night before being removed by force. On the 12th of July, those defendants who demanded jury trials were found guilty, but received only minimal sentences of a $50 payment to DC's Victims of Crimes fund, 5 days suspended jail time, and 3 months unsupervised probation. Later on July 12 they held a press conference in front of Franklin School, at which this audio was recorded