By Anonymous (not verified), 9 April, 2011
Tariq Ali

EXCELLENT talk on China with historical summary and instructive vignettes, some humour and a Q&A session, 1 hour 15 minutes, edited, compressed and adapted for radio by (please appreciate the work by donating for a non-profit, political-educational and lectures FM radio station)

By Anonymous (not verified), 11 November, 2010
Donny Meacham

First we had Danny Kofke on the phone, Danny is a Teacher & the Author of the book "How to Survive (and perhaps thrive) On a Teacher's Salary"... We talked about the ongoing letdown in the education system. Also, with the current economic climate, we talked about ways to save money, and stretch your paycheck further. Then we talked about the Election 2010, and all the aftermath that has come of it. We played a YouTube recording of my little car accident that I was in. We played a song called If I Trust You by Sabby....

By Anonymous (not verified), 11 March, 2009
Michael Fox

(Audio: 9mins, 18secs) PDVSA to Pay Debts - Venezuela Streamlines Government Ministries - Venezuela Celebrates Int’l Women’s Day- Venezuela Calls Colombian Defense Minister’s Comments a “Threat to Stability”- Panama and Venezuela Boost Ties - Inter-American Human Rights Court Says Venezuela Did Not Violate TV Station’s Free Speech - Brazil's Lula to Discuss Venezuela in Talks with Obama - Members of U.K. Parliament Praise Venezuelan Government - Venezuela Expropriates Cargill Rice Plant - Venezuela’s Monthly Inflation and Unemployment Rates Drop