By Anonymous (not verified), 21 September, 2009
Ezra Niesen

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The environmental science movement since global unsustainability was discovered has been a lot bigger than most people realize. (As a result of yet another divide and conquer strategy.) It includes an evolutionary approach to psychology, to identify the reasons the decisions people make have led to environmental unsustainability in the first place.

By Anonymous (not verified), 10 March, 2009
Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana


El objetivo primordial de Radio C es el de prestigiar y proyectar, mediante un trabajo radiofónico técnicamente profesional y estéticamente innovador, la vocación y la ética de la UCSJ, así como los valores y los conocimientos generados en su vida académica.

By Anonymous (not verified), 7 March, 2009
Ezra Niesen

This is one quarter of an audio book. Environmental unsustainability and the imperialistic economies it produces is understood well enough now that farmers can see all the different parts of environmental science happening on their farms. The one thing they can't see is how scientists have figured out how all those things interact with each other all over the world.

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 May, 2008
Riseup! Radio crew

The most action packed show to date, here we move into June with an hour and a half of stuff that matters and music to tingle the senses. With the warmer weather moving in and the city coming alive again we tell those untold stories and showcast some of the best new acts and artists.

Listen: #5 the June Show